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Who is Trionfo?

Trionfo is a digital sales platform built to modernize our clients’ distribution and management capabilities within the insurance industry. In other words, Trionfo helps our clients become more efficient and effective at selling insurance. With over 30+ years of experience, WE KNOW benefits distribution. After working with thousands of brokers and many carriers of all types, We took that experience and THEN built our technology to improve industry distribution and processes.

enable better benefits processes

We handle it all from quoting/proposals, enrollment, billing, benefits administration to renewals and everything in between. Full circle. Because we are a single source platform, we have the ability to configure our system to streamline the whole process or just the parts you need to improve.

empower better benefits distribution

Trionfo’s single source platform has the ability to work with insurance and benefit product work-flows to digitize and speed up the sales process. Get rid of the paper. We help clients improve their ability to sell direct and through channels.

our clients


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